“Four Rivers provides perfectly timed, no-nonsense support to companies like Namely that are entering a new stage of growth. We are pleased to be working with the team at Four Rivers.”

- Matt Straz, CEO & Founder, Namely

“Four Rivers Group has been an excellent partner to Instart Logic. They move rapidly during a financing, are very transparent, and serve as a valuable strategic adviser to us. Their commitment to building a market leading, innovative, and customer-first company aligns them with our vision, and they have been incredibly supportive, making themselves available whenever we need them.”

- Manav Mital, CEO & Founder, Instart Logic

“Four Rivers invested in Carbonite several years ago. Even though their investment was relatively small in dollars, they have been more helpful and constructive than many of our larger investors.  We’ve been extremely happy to have them onboard.”

- David Friend, CEO, Carbonite

“Four Rivers was instrumental in enabling Aerohive to rapidly close its Series D financing. They moved quickly and efficiently through the process, allowing us to focus on running the business. Following the investment they have continued to be an extremely active and supportive investor. I highly recommend them.”

- Dave Flynn, CEO, Aerohive

"We teamed with Four Rivers because of their commitment to helping young companies execute and capitalize on massive market opportunities. They share a deep commitment to innovation making Four Rivers Group an ideal partner for FireEye.”

- Ashar Aziz, Founder, FireEye

"Assurex Health prides itself on being a market leader in the neuropsychiatric space with innovative technology, and that made Four Rivers Group a natural choice when we were seeking to expand. FRG led our successful funding round in 2012 and continues to be a terrific collaborator, bringing expertise and important partnering connections."

-Gina Drosos, CEO, Assurex

"New Relic is very pleased to have the support of Four Rivers. More than an investor, they are a partner who shares our goals: growing the business by delighting customers. Their deep knowledge of the technologies driving innovation today combines with a belief in building lasting relationships to create one of the truly distinctive venture firms in the market today."

- Lew Cirne, CEO, New Relic

Four Rivers Group is an expansion stage venture capital firm that invests in high-growth, market leading technology companies globally. The firm was founded in 2007 with the needs of the entrepreneur in mind and provides custom, flexible equity financings. We lead small or large rounds and have no minimum threshold for investment size or ownership percentage. Instead, we focus on investing in high growth companies solving real problems that exist today, serving large and growing markets, and run by world-class teams.